Honorary Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony for Professor Do Young Noh from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (November 17, 2010)


NAIST awarded Professor Do Young Noh an Honorary Doctoral Degree on November 17. Professor Noh also gave a commemorative lecture on "Materials Characterization Using Extreme Light Sources". An Honorary Doctoral Degree is an award to recognize the contribution made by scientists to the internationalization of NAIST. Professor Noh is the second recipient of the Honorary Doctoral Degree.

Professor Noh's commitment to the development of exchange with faculty members and students of the Graduate School of Materials Science of NAIST not only led the School to conclude its first Academic Exchange Agreement, but also helped further promote vigorous exchange between GIST and NAIST for the past decade. GIST-NAIST Joint Symposium has reached its 10th year milestone. National Ciao Tung University has joined this symposium from this year. Professor Noh has served as a chair three times for this joint symposium. In the speech, Professor Noh mentioned the importance of GIST-NAIST international collaboration both at the institutional level and at the students/researchers level.

Click here to access the video content of the Honorary Doctoral Degree conferment ceremony.
Click here to access the video content of the academic lecture by Dr.Noh.

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