National Chiao Tung University delegation visited NAIST (June 29, 2012)


On June 29th, we received guests from the National Chiao Tung University. The delegation consisted of National Chiao Tung University's previous president, Chung-Yu Wu, and research collaborator Dr. Po-Kang Lin, M.D. (National Yang Ming University). The main purpose of this visit was to deepen our institutes' relationship.

At the official visit, President Akira Isogai, Professor Michiya Fujiki, Professor Kiyomi Kakiuchi, and Assistant Professor Takashi Tokuda from the Graduate School of Materials Science and the Director of the Center for International Relations Noriko Ito welcomed them. They shared information and exchanged opinions concerning further exchanges and activities.

After that, the delegates visited NAIST facilities and laboratories, listening to research introductions at the Graduate School of Materials Science. In this visit, we had the opportunity to convey our rich education and research environment and we hope our relationship will develop further.

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