Universitas Indonesia delegation visited NAIST (December 17, 2012)


On December 17th, NAIST received guests from Universitas Indonesia. The delegation consisted of Dr. Endang Winiati Bachtiar, Head of Sub Directorate of Research and Multidisciplinary Laboratory, and Professor Boy M Bachtiar. NAIST concluded an exchange agreement with Universitas Indonesia in 2009, and the main purpose of this visit was to deepen the partnership.

NAIST Executive Director Atsuhiko Shinmyo, Professor Masashi Kawaichi (Graduate school of Biological Sciences), and the Director of the Center for International Relations, Noriko Ito, welcomed the guests at the courtesy visit. First, general introductions of NAIST was given, followed by discussions concerning the possibility of future exchange.
This occasion was a beneficial opportunity to strengthen relationships and encourage future cooperation between Universitas Indonesia and NAIST.

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