Group from Kasetsart University visit NAIST (April 2, 2013)


On March 21st and April 2nd, a group consisting of 75 students and faculty members from Kasetsart University (Thailand) visited NAIST. In this visit we aimed to introduce NAIST's research, education, and facilities to attract excellent students who are interested in Japan and studies here. Kasetsart University and the Graduate school of Information Science have established strong relationships in both education and research, headed by the efforts of Prof. Kenichi Matsumoto at NAIST. From this strong relationship, we have expanded the cooperation to include the Graduate School of Materials Science in the past few years. On March 21st, tours of both graduate schools where held.

Before the laboratory tours, a general introduction of NAIST was given by the Center for International Relations Director Noriko Ito, followed by a description of student life at NAIST given by a NAIST international student and Kasetsart University Alumnus. Visitors attentively listened to the presentation of our various international activities and our substantial student financial support, and the experiences of living and studying at NAIST and in Japan from their alumnus.
Following this, they went on laboratory tours to cultivate a deeper understanding of our generous research environment and attractive research. The visiting students and faculty showed a strong interest in our advanced research, actively interacting with presenters and asking questions about various research and technology. On March 21st, the group also visited a student dormitory and it attracted their attention due to the cleanliness of the facilities and the reasonable pricing.

After the tour, a representative of Kasetsart University expressed his gratitude towards NAIST faculty and staff. This was a beneficial opportunity to strengthen relationships and encourage future cooperation between Kasetsart University and NAIST.

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