Government related officials from Republic of Botswana visit NAIST (June 4, 2013)


On June 4th, 4 officials, including CEO Alan Boshwean from Botswana Innovation Hub, aiming to promote science and technology and the creation of new industries under the Ministry of Infrastructure, Science and Technology of Republic of Botswana visited NAIST.

NAIST and the Ministry of Agriculture, Botswana, are already conducting collaborative research on plants which are indigenous to arid regions. With this existing relationship, the visit was held officially to discuss further collaboration with NAIST.

After the official visit to Executive Director Naokazu Yokoya, the guests received a general introduction to NAIST and an explanation of research achievements of the Graduate School of Biological Sciences, followed by a laboratory tour. After the laboratory tour, both sides shared opinions on future collaborative research, etc. This was a beneficial opportunity for both sides to strengthen relationships and encourage future cooperation.

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