Cultural Activity for Students: Visiting Nara National Museum (August 3, 2013)


A visit to Nara National Museum was held on Saturday, August 3, 2013. This activity was held to further cultivate students' sense of ethics, important for their development as responsible members of society, through the viewing of ancient culture and history of the Nara region.

The group of 26 participants, including 10 international students, first viewed the Exhibition from the Permanent Collection "Masterpieces of Buddhist Sculpture" and "Ancient Chinese Bronzes," which was explained by a volunteer museum guide.
They also toured the "Faith in Form and Figure Encountering Buddhist Images" Special Exhibition, learning the origin of attraction and true meaning that Buddhist sculptures have by focusing on their "form" expressed in paintings and sculptures.

Finally, the participants visited the Buddhist Art Library, a building preserved as Important Cultural Property. The participants spent a meaningful day expanding their knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture.

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