Honorary Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony for Dr. Carol A. Erickson, University of California, Davis (November 14, 2013)


NAIST awarded Dr. Carol A. Erickson, Distinguished Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology University of California, Davis (UCD), an Honorary Doctoral Degree in a ceremony on November 14th, followed with a commemorative lecture. The Honorary Doctoral Degree is an award recognizing contributions made by scientists towards internationalization at NAIST. Dr. Erickson is the fifth recipient of this Honorary Doctoral Degree.

Dr. Carol A. Erickson, who is a world renowned American researcher in the field of molecular and cellular biology, has been actively supporting the research and education cooperation since the signing of academic agreements between UCD and NAIST in 2003. Following the agreement renewal in 2006, Dr. Erickson has been active at the center of the universities cooperative education and collaborative research activities.

From 2007, Dr. Erickson has come to NAIST as an international biological science seminar lecturer, supervised at NAIST's Graduate School of Biological Sciences (GSBS) Global COE symposium and international student workshop, and participated in the International Faculty Development workshop as a guest lecturer.

Dr. Erickson was essential in the creation of the program for trainee/ exchange students at the College of Biological Sciences at UCD and has also been directly responsible for the accepted GSBS students during their stay. These activities are a central part of the two institutions relationship and were key in the expansion our joint activities, etc. This award is for her great contributions.

Faculty members and students attended Dr. Erickson's lecture, and were enthralled by her passionate presentation. The ceremony was a great success.

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