Visit by Rector of Tanjungpura University (December 10, 2015)


On December 10, Rector Thamrin Usman, Dean of Engineering Faculty R.M. Rustamaji, Dean of Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty Dadan Kusnandar, Dean of Medical Faculty Arif Wicaksono, and Deputy for International Program Zairin Zain from Tanjungpura University (UNTAN, Indonesia) visited to NAIST.

After the official visit with President Naotake Ogasawara, professors of the Graduate School of Biological Sciences (GSBS) Hiroshi Itoh and Junya Kato, and the Division for Global Education Director Sachi Ando and UNTAN delegates introduced each institution and shared information for the future exchanges and activities. Afterwards, Professor Itoh introduced the laboratories and research at GSBS.

Next, the delegates visited the Graduate School of Material Sciences (GSMS) and the Graduate School of Information Science (GSIS). GSMS Professor Jun Ohta and GSIS Associate Professor Tomokazu Sato explained their research activities respectively.

This visit was a beneficial opportunity for both sides to exchange information and ideas on potential collaborations.

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