Rector Fritz Schmöllebeck and the group of delegates (University of Applied Science Technikum Wien, Austria) Visit (September 26, 2016)


On September 26, 2016, Rector Fritz Schmöllebeck, Head of Department of Advanced Engineering Technologies Dr. Erick Marki, Head of Center for International Relations Dr. Sandra Allmayer, Program Director Dr. Corinna Engelhardt-Nowitzki, and Key Researcher Dr. Daniel Moldovan (University of Applied Science Technikum Wien, Austria) visited NAIST.

At a courtesy visit to NAIST, President Naotake Ogasawara, Vice Presidents/Executive Directors Mikio Kataoka and Division for Global Education Director Tsutomu Hashida welcomed Rector Schmöllebeck and the delegates, and they shared information on further collaborations in education and research.

Then, the delegates exchanged the information of the International affairs with the Division for Global Education Director Hashida and visited the Graduate School of Information Science (GSIS) and discussed the future exchange of education and research with the Dean of GSIS Tsukasa Ogasawara.

This was a beneficial opportunity for both sides to strengthen relationships and encourage future cooperation between UAST Wien and NAIST.

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