Informal Meeting with the NAIST President and Students (September 12 and 14, 2017)


An informal meeting with President Yokoya and NAIST students was held in the Conference room on the 2nd floor of Administration Bureau on September 12 and 14 of 2017.

This meeting is held to foster the open exchange of opinions between students and the President and executive administration, and effectively make use of students' experiences and thoughts concerning NAIST in improving and developing educational programs and activities and student life.

The meeting was centered upon two different themes: the one graduate school system and the future of NAIST, and Life in NAIST. The meetings, held on the 12th for master's students and the 14th for doctoral students, were attended by nine students and eight students respectively. The students offered their opinions concerning a variety of topics in this relaxed atmosphere and the president and executives were actively listening to their experiences.

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