Agreement concluded with Kyoto Notre Dame University for admission on recommendation (2023/12/11)


NAIST concluded an agreement for admission on recommendation with Kyoto Notre Dame University on December 11, 2023. The signing ceremony was attended by President Kumi Nakamura, Prof. Mihoko Kitamura, Mr. Shinobu Kobayashi and Ms. Ai Ataka from Kyoto Notre Dame University, and President Kazuhiro Shiozaki and Executive Director/Vice President Hirokazu Kato from NAIST.

With this agreement, NAIST will promote the acceptance of diverse students from Kyoto Notre Dame University. Both universities share a strong focus on science, as seen in Kyoto Notre Dame University's founding spirit is "Virtus et Scientia" (Science comes from the Latin Scientia) and of course science in NAIST's English name.

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