Selection of NAIST official slogan (November 8, 2013)


As a way to promote NAIST's reputation in Japan and abroad, and to express our
school's brand identity in a clear and memorable fashion, we have chosen a slogan to be used in advertising NAIST.

[NAIST official slogan]
無限の可能性、ここが最先端 -Outgrow your limits-
※We will be using "Outgrow your limits" for publicity abroad.

We had 559 entries in our NAIST slogan contest. Our President Naotake Ogasawara made the final decision, carefully considering whether the key concept for NAIST's brand identity "Growing University" was suitably expressed, after a two-step screening process by the Branding Subcommittee, and the Public Relations Committee.

The president decided on the above slogan due to its expression of NAIST's boundless growth, including the broad diversity of our students and faculty gathered here at NAIST, with their limitless potential in education and research growing continuously.

We will be using this official slogan extensively in future communications.

■ The NAIST Brand Identity(PDF1)

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