"Someone to listen when you want to talk"

 The NAIST International Student Ambassador Program was started in order to offer additional support to international students who are pursuing studies at NAIST. This is a peer-advising program where interested students can talk with peer advisers, participating senior students, to discuss their studies or life at NAIST and receive advice from these 'Ambassadors' who may have already experienced similar situations or feelings during their time here. We feel that international students with experience living in Japan and studying at NAIST are the best suited to assist other international students who are experiencing difficulties, etc. or just would like to talk with someone with a similar background or experiences. Ambassadors are volunteers that choose to offer their time when available to give advice as consultations to help students during their life at NAIST.
 This program is available to any international student at NAIST who wishes to talk with someone about their academic and/or private lives. While Ambassadors receive some training in how to talk with students in need, please remember that they are not actual counselors, and, if you feel it is necessary, you may see the counselors at the Health Care Center for medical mental health care at any time. Ambassadors from various backgrounds and cultures are here to assist you while you pursue your life, goals and degree at NAIST, and we will try to match you with an Ambassador that will suit you.
 Please fill out the Peer Advising Request Form below and send it to ciss[at]ad.naist.jp or stop by the Center for International Students and Scholars in the international offices to talk with our staff.
 Please note that any personal information provided through this program will be kept and managed solely for the NAIST International Student Ambassador Program and Ambassadors are required to keep all information they acquire through program participation confidential.

Please contact CISS if you have any questions or need more information about the program.

Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS)
E mail:ciss[at]ad.naist.jp Ext#: 6240