Japanese language proficiency is key to living in and enjoying Japan. If you can understand everyday Japanese conversations, it is very convenient for shopping and helps you make friends and build ties in Japan. Many of our international students and scholars try to study some Japanese before they come to NAIST, but there are also the following options in which they may participate in to improve their Japanese communication skills.

Japanese Class for Beginners

"Japanese Class for Beginners I" and "Japanese Class for Beginners II (1)" are offered as common subjects for all graduate schools from October to December. Although they are not required subjects, new students are highly recommended to take these classes as they aim to teach easy and simple Japanese for newly arrived international students.
Those who complete one of the above classes can take "Japanese Class for Beginners II (2)" held in the following semester, from April to June.

Volunteer Japanese Classes (On-campus)

The Network Ikoma provides Japanese classes for International students, scholars and their families on a volunteer basis at NAIST. Classes are held twice a week on campus and are for beginner to advanced level students. There are no tuition fees required for these classes. You may contact the International Affairs Division for class schedules and openings.

ISTA Habataki Japanese Class

Japanese language classes are also offered by the Ikoma Board of Education at the following locations

Habataki Class


Kita Community Center ISTA Habataki
(From Kintetsu Gakken Kita Ikoma Station, take the bus for Tomio Station and get off at Mayumibashi)


Every Thursday from 18:30 to 20:00

Library Class


Ikoma City Library


Every Saturday from 18:00 to 19:30

Contact information for both classes: Human Rights Education Division
Tel: 0743-74-1111 (Ext. 653)
E-mail: jinkenkyouiku@city.ikoma.lg.jp
Cost: Course is free (actual expenses text expenses)

CISS (Center for International Students and Scholars) ciss@ad.naist.jp

For inquiries or further information you may contact the respective section below:

  • For information concerning international students
    International Student Affairs Section: ryugaku@ad.naist.jp
  • For information concerning NAIST employees & international scholars employed by NAIST
    Welfare Section (Personnel Division): fukuri@ad.naist.jp
  • For information concerning other international scholars
    International Affairs Section: kokusai@ad.naist.jp