Nara Institute of Science and Technology Division for Research Strategy



The division contribute to the strengthening of the University’s research capabilities through the promotion of advanced world-level research and the opening up of new research areas!

The Division for Research Strategy will focus on the following:

  • ・Manage research by strategically creating and disseminating research outcomes
  • ・Support research strategically in order to further propel cutting-edge research at the University
  • ・Plan and run research groups which will work on research that will become the bearer of the University’s next generation
  • ・Develop new inter-disciplinary research and international collaborative research by outstanding researchers
  • ・Establish new schemes for external collaboration in order to meet the needs of society

The Division for Research Strategy is staffed with University Research Administrators (URAs), who are specialized staff in research management. In the University, the post of URA is regarded as an essential position which is crucial to the management of research. In addition, URAs will actively contribute to supporting strategic planning for research, providing research support, supporting international collaboration, supporting collaboration between government, industry and academia and also to supporting the acquisition of intellectual property. With regard to research support, the main emphasis will be on obtaining large-scale external funding at the organizational level. At the same time, the Division seeks to increase the international visibility of the university and enhance the quality of research through strengthening the university’s capabilities in inter-disciplinary collaboration and the dissemination of its research achievements.