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Human Resource Development

Project of Discover and Nurture Young Researchers

As part of "Project to Discover and Nurture Young Researchers" in the program for promoting the enhancement of research universities, we are actively recruiting young researchers who are engaged in ambitious research, with the goal of developing world-leading research areas in five or 10 years. Through the "tenure track system" which fosters independent young researchers, we have established a system to recruit and hire young researchers from around the world who will become the pillar of our university in the future, and will work to strengthen our international competitiveness by taking into account not only domestic researchers but also foreign researchers.

this system is unique in that it gives young researchers, who are engaged in ambitious research in order to create pioneering research fields, the position and research environment of an independent researcher as an associate professor of tenure track, and after five years of tenure review, they are appointed as professors who will lead the future of our university.

The Tenure Track Laboratory established in this project will be operated within the New Project Laboratory, the Department for Innovation Research, the Division for Research Strategy, and will also serve as a prospective division and will be involved in the management of the division, including the acceptance of students.

Project of Strategic Research Team-Reinforce

"Project of Strategic Research Team-Reinforce" provides priority support for the strategic development of world-leading research teams.

We will assign post-doc researchers or specially appointed assistant professors as research staff to research teams that are achieving particularly outstanding research results and that NAIST particularly wants to achieve dramatic growth, in order to develop human resources and research capabilities for the future. Currently, research teams are selected for each of the three divisions of Information Science, Biological Science, and Materials Science, and research staff are assigned.

On-going project
Division of Biological Science

Division of Materials Science