Nara Institute of Science and Technology Division for Research Strategy


Interdisciplinary Research

Next Generation Interdisciplinary Research Project

Among the 2nd mid-term goals of the university, the basic goal of the university, ‘deepening and expanding the basic and socially related academic fields, “information science”, “biological science”, and “materials science”’ is listed. In order to cultivate new interdisciplinary and integrated fields that anticipate the next generation, and actively develop world-leading research activities, we have accept research proposals based on faculty brainstorming that transcends the boundaries of divisions from FY 2010. We have promoted it as a "Next Generation Interdisciplinary Research Project".

Network Development Workshops for Young Researchers

In FY 2010, we started the “NAIST Colloquium for Future-Pioneering” with the aim of supporting activities for demonstrating leadership while building new networks with young researchers in Japan and overseas. Furthermore, based on this project, we started the “Interdisciplinary Research Workshop” in FY 2015, which focuses on the development of new research areas and the deepening of each research field. In FY2021, “Network Development Workshop for Young Researchers” has been started with the aim of not only interaction with researchers in different fields, but also interaction with researchers on cutting-edge research that contributes to the creation of innovations.

Regional Collaboration

The world-class research is no longer possible on its own, and cooperation among regional, government, and academia is expected to lead to the development of science and technology innovation. In the Kinki area, it is expected that the research results accumulated mainly by universities will be developed, such as the development of the Kansai Science City (Keihanna Science City) based on the Kinki Area Basic Development Plan. Aiming at creation of sustained innovation, promotion of fixation of research complex and new cooperation, cooperation development, new business promote the ecosystem formation for development of regional economy by support of company, collaboration with local public institution.