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Greetings from the Division Director

Professor Shun HIROTA
Head of Division for Global Education

Professor Shun Hirota

The Division for Global Education (DGE) was established in April of 2018 within the Institute for Educational Initiatives, which was organized to support NAIST faculty in their academic activities. DGE plans and implements measures related to NAIST's global activities, in areas including international academic partnership agreements and related student exchange, double degree programs, studying abroad, international student support, overseas faculty development, international collaborative laboratories and NAIST overseas offices.
Recently, NAIST's international student population is around 300 students (more than 25% of the total student population) from around the globe and, along with this, the number of international faculty and researchers is steadily increasing. To prepare for the expansion of our international community, NAIST established the Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) to offer expanded support to these students and scholars, as well as their families. In addition, NAIST established the NAIST Indonesia Office in April 2016 and the Thailand Office in March 2017 as overseas hubs for promotion of our activities and to liaise with our partner institutions.
As a graduate institution without any undergraduate programs, NAIST is developing and improving a graduate school education model which produces graduates ready to enter today's globally-focused workforce. We hope to work together with our esteemed partner institutions to further develop our global network through the strategic advancement of research and education throughout the world.