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Studying abroad

In order for students to develop global perspectives during their studies, NAIST promotes study abroad activities, in addition international conference participation and short-term stays at collaborative research institutions abroad.
Possibilities for studying abroad begin with NAIST's Overseas English Training Program and the Overseas Lab Internship Program and include staying at a lab of the student's choice at overseas partner institutions. Students may also enter a doctoral double degree program, where they study at NAIST and a partner institution to receive instruction and degrees from each institution, or participate in an exchange program with a partner institution. (Semester or summer program, etc.)
NAIST utilizes government funding and other funding sources to offer financial support for both travel and living expenses when students study abroad.

Students may receive credit for studying abroad through registering for the respective course below, participation in pre- and post-training sessions and completion of required assignments

For master's students:
For doctoral students: