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Huai'an City (China) Delegation Visit (July 2nd, 2019)

On July 2nd, 2019, a delegation from Huai'an City led by Mayor Lixin Cai visited NAIST. Huai'an and Ikoma City, home to NAIST, have a 20-year-long close relationship developed through the Ikoma City Japan-China Friendship Association, and this visit was part of the events held between the 2 cities.

The delegation was met by Dr. Naokazu Yokoya (President), Dr. Kiyomi Kakiuchi (Executive Director/Vice President), Mr. Goro Watanabe (Executive Director/Director General), Dr. Tsukasa Ogasawara (Vice President/Graduate School Dean), Dr. Shu Hirota (Advisor to the President Professor) and Dr. Masako Shimamoto (UEA, Division for Global Education) at NAIST.

Following the courtesy visit to the President, the delegation toured the research facilities of the Division of Materials Science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, and received an explanation from one of NAIST's Specialists concerning Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) devices. The delegation continued to the robot experiment room where Assistant Professor Ding of the Division of Information Science Robotics Laboratory gave a short talk of Robotics at NAIST. Through this visit, the delegation gained a better understanding of NAIST's robotics research environment and research developments at the forefront of robotics.


Courtesy visit


Robot experiment room visit
(Robotics laboratory)