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Call for Exchange Programs in ESIEE, France

Call for nominees for exchange program participants
Outline ESIEE Paris has confirmed its #1st place in the ranking of 5-year integrated graduate schools in engineering in the Paris region.
As part of the Universite Gustave Eiffel, we have also reached the #800-900 position within the Shanghai ranking.
Exchange program information:https://www.esiee.fr/esiee_file/download/3259
Course overview 2022-2023: https://www.esiee.fr/esiee_file/download/3492
Institutional fact sheet: https://www.esiee.fr/esiee_file/download/3493
Maximum number of nominations A few
Period at ITS Spring semester staring in January 2023
・ First day of the academic period: January 19th
・ Last day of the academic period: June 30th
These dates include orientation days and exams
Project and Master thesis: Depending on partner's agreement
How to apply 1. Obtain your supervisor's approval
2. Notify Division for Global Education (DGE) that you wish to apply with the following information;
・ your name
・ year and course (M1 or M2.)
・ Your supervisor's name
Nomination deadline 17:00, Monday, September 19, 2022
Contact information Division for Global Education
Email: dge[at]ad.naist.jp
Extension number:6242