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Credit Card Application Session (April 14 and 16, 2020)

 Explanatory sessions were held on April 14th and 16th to assist international students in obtaining credit cards from Japanese banks so that they may conveniently live in Japan.

 Credit Cards have become a necessity for everyday life, and NAIST highly recommends those students who plan to go abroad for studies or research while at NAIST to obtain a credit card to ensure smooth international payments such as reimbursement procedures, visa applications, etc. While there are many banks offering various credit cards for students, Japanese application forms can be confusing as they and the directions are all in Japanese.

 The Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) organized these sessions as part of its mission to support international students so that they may fully enjoy their studies at NAIST. Under measures for social distancing implemented to prevent the spreading of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection, about 12 new and current students attended. The sessions opened with a brief explanation of credit cards, debit cards, and their different uses by Robert King (UEA) who heads CISS. Both sessions were busy with the staff fielding questions and the students doing their best to fill in their applications without mistakes.

 These sessions are held regularly each semester for international students and those who couldn't participate this time may stop by CISS if they would like an application and/or help filling one out.