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NAIST held the first "Online NAIST Study Abroad Fair" with Indonesian partner universities (2020/10/3)

 On Saturday, October 3rd, 2020, NAIST held its first-ever online NAIST study abroad fair with Indonesian partner universities.

 NAIST faculty members regularly visit Indonesian partner institutions to expand cooperative and collaborative relationships in education and research, and to recruit prospective students to study at NAIST to lead the future of science and technology in Indonesia and abroad. This year, however, due to the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus infection, participation in study abroad fairs and overseas partner institution visits are not possible. Considering this situation NAIST decided to hold its first online NAIST study abroad fair for students from our Indonesian partner institutions.

 In the fair, participants were first given an overview of NAIST by Dr. Masako Shimamoto, Global Engagement Officer of the Division for Global Education. After this session, they then visited a booth of one of the three Divisions of Information Science, Biological Science, and Materials Science in Graduate School of Science and Technology to learn about each area's research fields, admissions, internship programs, scholarships, etc. from the representative faculty member.
In the subsequent Q & A session, participants attended booths to ask questions to both NAIST faculty members and NAIST Indonesian students, and were able to directly talk with our faculty and students to gain insight into campus life, living in Japan, scholarships, etc.

 Roughly 50 students, including those students from non-partner institutions, participated in this briefing session, which was an exceptional opportunity for NAIST and prospective students to meet virtually.

Division introduction presented by Prof. Naoyuki Inagaki (Division of Biological Science)