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Double Degree Program (for students)


With the rapid progression of globalization in many areas of industry and society, research leaders to guide international collaborative research bringing together human resources and emerging technologies to tackle the issues that face humankind regardless of borders are being called for. The double degree program was implemented for the systematic development of human resources that focuses on enhancing international collaborative skills and the ability to cooperate on a global scale.
In the double degree program students are enrolled at NAIST and a partner institution, and receive research guidance from both institutions faculty to receive degrees from both institutions simultaneously. Currently, NAIST has agreements with 7 institutions for doctoral course double degree programs. Regardless of the institution chosen, students must spend at least one year at each institution receiving research guidance in order to receive approval for their degrees. Participation in the double degree program is limited for students from either institution and acceptance in the program is in the beginning of the fall or spring semesters.

Requirements for participation:

  • Being enrolled as a student at NAIST
  • Being affiliated to a division that has implemented the double degree program
  • Being able to spend at least one year abroad receiving research guidance at the partner institution
  • Having sufficient language ability to participate in the double degree program

※Individual programs have specific requirements depending on the institution, so please contact the Division for Global Education(dge[at]ad.naist.jp)

For specific information and application guides please see the list of double degree program partner institutions.