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The 1st Call for nominees for exchange program with Erasmus + ICM


With the establishment of the agreement on the "Erasumus + ICM Program" between Trento University (Italy) and NAIST, we are looking for nominees for study abroad for either coursework or research work at Trento University.

Name of program Erasmus+ICM program
Reference: https://international.unitn.it/incoming/icm-2023-information-for-partner-universities-and-mobility-participants-to-unitrento
Send to University of Trento(Italy)
Website: https://www.unitn.it/en
Program duration November, 2023 ~ July, 2026
Eligibility ● Master's and Doctoral students
● (Recommended) Sufficient Italian or English language ability (CEFR A2 for Italian or B2 for English)

Note: MEXT scholars or scholars with other private foundation may not be allowed to participate in this program due to the scholarship rules and regulations. Please check your status and related rules in advance.
The number of nominees A few
Mobility duration At least 2 months up to 5 months

*Study abroad for research*
Departure any time after March 1st, 2024 and return by July 31st, 2024
Financial support Monthly stipend: €850/month(Up to 5 months)
Travel expenses: €1,500
Accommodation Available
Required application documents  Please register your application via online application form.

<Required documents for appplication>
● Valid passport
● Confirmation of language proficiency issued by International language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL..)
● Transcript
● Learning agreement
Application process 1. Consult with your supervisor in advance.
2. Apply through online application form and contact Internationa Affairs Section.
※ Screening will be performed in case of multiple applicants.
3. International Affairs Section will nominate the candidates to UniTrento.
4. Proceed the application process after UniTrento contacts the nominees.
Deadline for application November 17th, 2023
*Consultation is available on changing the deadline depending on the time of departure.
After mobility: recognition and credit transfer for mobile students The participants will be required to complete the following tasks after participating this program.

1. The participants must take process for transferring or earning credits at NAIST within 2 months after their return.
*Participants' course work (exam results) or research carried out at UniTrento must be recognized by NAIST to promote international credit mobility as counting towards the degree.

2. Dissemination activities for Erasmus+ program
・Report your stay at UniTrento, write article for website
・Presentation in on-campus study abroad fair, etc.

3. Any other tasks that the participants will be required given by EU, UniTrento and NAIST.
Travel advisory and on-campus procedures before studying abroad https://www.naist.jp/dge/students/abroad/information.html
Contact kokusai[at]ad.naist.jp
Extension#: 6243
International Affairs Section