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Basic policy and goals for global engagement

Basic policy and goals for global engagement

In the 21st century where globalization is ever-growing, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) will produce human resources that can contribute to international society while maintaining its status a hub for research being performed at the forefronts of science and technology. In further expanding our global network consisting of NAIST's faculty and staff, our graduates active around the globe, and our international partner institutions we will promote the dissemination of research to stimulate further science and technology developments. In order to achieve these goals NAIST has laid out the following basic guidelines for international activities and global developments.

The fostering of graduates who will contribute to international society

NAIST develops talented human resources that will contribute to the growth of academic activities and the creation of frontier science and technology through education and research achievements accomplished in cooperative, globally-focused research environment. To realize this, English education and academic research and training taught from the perspective of global cooperation and understanding are undertaken to create a firm foundation for being active researchers and technicians in a global workforce. With this foundation and our internationally active faculty and staff, NAIST thoroughly supports mobility, both incoming and outgoing, of students and scholars to ensure interactions with people from around the globe to allow students to fully grasp their field at the global level.

Intellectual contributions through global research collaboration

Through pursuing the active exploration and clarification of developments at the frontiers of science and technology, NAIST produces globally-recognized research achievements to contribute to the society of tomorrow and these achievements are published in prominent domestic and international journals to effectively send out research results to further activities throughout different fields. Furthermore, NAIST's global network for education and research is based on research collaboration, and our current 100+ international partner institutions maintain strong collaborative ties focused on research in traditional fields and developing interdisciplinary areas. The research and collaboration achieved through these long-standing and valuable relationships is a valuable part of NAIST's activities and is disseminated through our globally expanding network to promote further advances in science and technology.