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NYCU Short-term Research Scholarship

NYCU Short-term Research Scholarship
Outline Short-term Research Scholarship for those who intend to stay at National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University as short-term research
Details https://oia.nycu.edu.tw/en/short-term/short-term-research-scholarship/
Eligibility master's/doctoral student who intend to stay at NYCU as a short-term research (2-6 months).
Scholarship Maximum to NTD 27,500 (pre tax) for one month. Up to two-month subsidization.
How to apply Please email the application documents in one file to the NYCU coordinator.

【Required Documents】
1. Application form (typewritten) (doc.)(odt.)
2. Curriculum vitae (CV) in English
3. Research proposal (no more than one page)
4. Official transcript of academic records in English or Chinese.
5. Invitation letter from NYCU supervisor (It should be formal with the professor's signature, department, and contact information)
6. Latest enrollment letter from the home institution (Please make sure the time covers your duration of stay in NYCU)
7. A copy of the Passport (valid for at least three months)

【Contact Address】
Ms. Kiki Yang
Due date 【1st round】 November 26th, 2023(Research will begin from February 2024.)
【2nd round】 February, 2024(Research will begin from May 2024.)
【3rd round】 May, 2024 (Research will begin from August 2024.)