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UKM Virtual Summer Programme 2021

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
UKM Virtual Summer Programme 2021
Institution website https://www.ukm.my/hadhari/
Program Details ① Engineering Summer School UKM (ESSU)
  (Mechanical Engineering)
② Islam in Malaysia
③ FSK Summer School Program
Eligibility Master's and doctoral course students.
Format Online
Number of nominations 5
Duration ① 26th July- 20th August 2021
② 16th - 30th August 2021
③ 2nd - 6th August 2021
Tuition fees ① USD 400
② USD 150
③ USD 150

 *at your own expense
How to apply 1. Please contact the Division for Global Education (DGE) and notify that you wish to apply by Wednesday June 9th, 2021. Be sure to consult with your supervisor beforehand. Please include
    ・your name
    ・Program that you wish to participate in
    ・lab name
    ・Master's or Doctoral course
    ・email address
2. DGE will nominate the candidates for consideration and send a list to UKM after obtaining NAIST campus approval.
Nomination deadline Wednesday June 9th, 2021
Contact information Division for Global Education
Email: dge@ad.naist.jp
Extension number:6242