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Students' experiences abroad

Please refer to the experience of the student who studied abroad.

TATSUMI Shunsuke
Master Student,  Graduate School of Science and Technology

Profile (As of January 2020)

  • Laboratory: Computational Linguistics
  • Education Program: Information Science and Engineering Program
  • Year of studies: M2(Enrolled in April 2018)

Study abroad summary

  • Host institution: AI Center, University College London (UCL)
  • Period of stay: October 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019 (3 months)
  • Type of Scholarship: "Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative: Japanese Representative Program

Study abroad content

    About the research:
  • I conducted basic research on natural language processing under the guidance of the accepting faculty member and wrote a thesis.

  • About life at the AI Center:
  • The AI Center was very international. There were many Asian people and I rarely felt I was a minority as a Japanese.
  • I audited lectures by AI center visitors and attended regular meetings in the laboratory. I had the opportunity to give a presentation at a regular meeting and talked about my research for about 30 minutes. I was very grateful for the response I received from the lab members.
  • There was much interaction with other universities (Imperial College London, Oxford University, University of Cambridge, etc.) in the southern area of England. While I did not gain knowledge directly related to my research, it increased my motivation for research.
Dinner with laboratory members
At the lab with my academic advisor

Master Student, Graduate School of Information Science

Profile (As of January 2020)

Study abroad summary

Preparation for study abroad

What I got out of studying abroad

At the lab with my labmate
At an academic conference with my academic advisor

Ph.D Doctor Student, Graduate School of Science and Technology

The four-weeks lab stay at the University of California, Davis was incredible. I went through a lot of protein biochemistry and purifying proteins to study their dynamics using the single-molecule microscope in UC Davis's MOM lab, the join space run by Assistant Professors Kassandra Ori-McKenney and Richard McKenney. The work experience I had was once in a lifetime! I gained a lot of experience in my field and got to explore new country at the same time. I would like to seize this opportunity to thanks NAIST for giving me this chance to perform some of the cutting-edge experiments in UC Davis.