As a national graduate university, NAIST conducts advanced research and educates accomplished individuals to support the development of society through science and technology.


To promote high-level research in advanced science and technology

To develop international leaders in research

To train competent specialists capable of contributing to national society and the economy

To promote relationships between science and the community and the creation of a scientifically literate population

Achieving our objectives


NAIST will perform outstanding research in the core study areas of information, biological, and materials sciences, and actively engage in interdisciplinary studies to explore and seek solutions in the most challenging areas.

NAIST will actively address important social issues by generating international-level research products that will help to build a better society.


NAIST will nurture students who are highly motivated to work for the advancement of science and technology, and who can play leading roles in society through systematic curricula and research activities.

NAIST will educate students to develop a good ethical sense, broader views, logical thinking, active leadership, fair judgment and high linguistic capabilities.

Collaboration with society

NAIST will stimulate research by promoting the development of industry-government-academia collaboration, an effective system aimed at transferring the benefits of research to society.

NAIST will contribute to advancing industry in Japan by further promoting industry-government-academia collaboration as well as research and education, and returning our achievements to society.