Director of Health Care Center: Manabu Taneike

To maintain the physical and mental health of our faculty, staff and students, the Health Care Center provides health examinations, daily treatment, and lifestyle guidance and health education. These three aspects of health promotion, namely checkups, treatment, and prevention, are addressed at the Health Care Center on the 2nd floor of the University Union building. The Center has an examination room, a chat and health counseling room, and a recovery room in a functional layout. A medical doctor, a nurse and an English speaking staff are regularly on duty.

Hours: 9:30 - 13:30, 14:30 - 16:30, Monday - Friday (excluding year-end/New Year and national holidays)
All facilities at the Health Care Center are free of charge.
Please use the facilities and equipment with care.
  Details Notes
Examination and treatment If you are experiencing any unusual physical symptoms, please do not hesitate to visit the Center for an examination and treatment. We have basic examination equipment and are able to prescribe medicine if necessary. For illnesses and conditions that the Center is unable to treat, we will refer you to specialist doctors and hospitals. We adhere to a confidentiality policy for all treatment, including physical and mental counseling, and will protect your privacy. Any medical treatment at outside medical facilities with a referral from the Center is at the patient's expense. National Health Insurance may be applied.
Health counseling Doctors and nurses are available to discuss any mental health issues. A professional counselor also provides a counseling service several times a month. All personal information will be treated with strict confidentiality.  
Health examinations The Center periodically conducts general health examinations in spring as well as special examinations (radioisotope, X-ray, recombinant DNA, organic solvents, specified chemical substances). Detailed information including the date and time is provided by email. (Those who have undertaken a "Ningen Dock" examination or a complete medical examination in the same year do not require a general health examination.)  
Health certificates The Center issues health certificates required for job applications and enrollment in advanced academic programs. You are required to have taken all of the tests in the periodic health examination to receive a health certificate. Certificates are issued by the automatic certificate issuing system at the Student Affairs Division, or at the Health Care Center.  
Self-check For self-checking purposes, automatic scales to measure height and weight, as well as a blood pressure meter and optometer are available in the lobby area at the Center.  
Chat & health counseling room Equipped with a table and television, the room is ideal for relaxation, conversation and watching TV.  
Rest room Please use this room when you are feeling unwell and need to rest.  
HCC NEWS The annual HCC NEWS (Health Care Center News) provides a variety of useful information.  

Please make the most of the Health Care Center to maintain and enhance your health