As a world-recognized education and research center, NAIST is working on its mission to promote advanced scientific and technical research that will contribute to future generations, develop human resources through advanced education based on its research accomplishments, and thereby contribute to progress in science and technology and the creation of a sustainable and robust society through an education and research environment that is open to the world. To this end, NAIST conducts innovative and flexible education and research in a new framework beyond the traditional education and research system as a unique characteristic of a national university composed solely of graduate schools.

Fundamental goals

To accomplish this mission, NAIST has the following fundamental goals:

  1. To deepen and broaden the scope of disciplines - information science, biological sciences, and materials science - that are fundamental to society, to develop new interdisciplinary fields among its three graduate schools that will shape future generations, and thus to conduct world-leading research.
  2. To address issues needed to create a sustainable and robust society, and to deliver research achievements for the society of the future.
  3. To accept diverse students from across Japan and the world, and train them so that they can take the initiative in the global community in advancing and utilizing science and technology, through world-class research activities and education programs based on advanced research achievements.
  4. To contribute to the creation of knowledge by globally disseminating research achievements, and to create innovations and a sustainable and robust society by applying these research results.
  5. To conduct strategic management, sharing NAIST's mission and goals with the whole NAIST community under the President's leadership.