NAIST recruits faculty through open searches and employs researchers who have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in advanced research. These diverse backgrounds range from national, public, and private universities to companies and research institutions. With their experience, faculty members are able to conduct research and education in a broad range of fundamental and applied areas.
We thus aim to train our faculty in a way that enables flexible and creative research while meeting the needs of society. In fact, our faculty has already produced numerous world-leading research achievements.

Faculty Members Generating Cutting-Edge Research Results

NAIST focuses leading researchers in three of the four priority areas listed in the Japanese government's science and technology policy: information technology, biological sciences, and nanotechnology. We also promote interdisciplinary research across graduate schools, in addition to research within each graduate school, to respond flexibly to rapid progress and changes in science.
The NAIST faculty is characterized by its youthfulness, with average ages of professors, associate professors, and assistant professors being two to three years lower than those in the rest of Japan. Indeed, young faculty members (37 or younger) account for about 40% of the total, around twice the national average. These researchers are expected to bring new ideas and leadership to research activities.

Number of Faculty

Roughly half of our faculty members have research experience outside of NAIST, including in corporations and research institutions. These faculty members have undertaken research in various fields, including interdisciplinary research and industry-academia collaboration.

As of July 1, 2018
PresidentVice PresidentsProfessorsAssociate ProfessorsAssistant ProfessorsResearch AssociatesTotal
1 3 53 51 96 2 206