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【Available to both men and women】Rest space in university hall
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Maintenance of rest space in the university hall (Purpose: breastfeeding, diaper changing)

■System overview
The multipurpose space on the first floor of the university hall (canteen, convenience store, health center) located in the center of the campus has a rest space for teachers and students who are pregnant or raising infants.

The entire multipurpose space can be used for resting, breastfeeding, nursing, changing diapers, etc., and can be used for events such as the Open Campus. It is also accessible to both men and women.

■Opening hours  Monday-Friday 10:00-21:00
            Saturday      10:00-15:00

■Facilities    Air conditioning, Diaper changing table, Sink, Couch 
          Coat hanger, Emergency bell

■Equipment     Diaper bin, Blindfold partition, Electric kettle, Round stool chair

■Location    University hall, 1st floor (click here for details»Campus Map

   Entrance of University Hall rest space    Picture of University Hall rest space

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