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List of support services

We provide various support services to help everyone who belongs to NAIST achieve WLB (Work-Life Balance). Please take advantage of them.

Work-life balance
support handbook
support handbook
(PDF 4.07MB)
Work-life balance
support poster
work-life balance support poster
(PDF 5.45MB)
Work-life balance support
2023Work-life balance support poster
(PDF 1.31MB)

■Below is a list of the Gender Equality Office's support services and eligible members.

From April 2020, it is possible to take childcare leave at any time during the term of the employment contract. In addition, the number of days of childcare leave taken by tenure-track period or fixed-term faculty will not be included in the employment contract period.

*How to read the chart (○:available △:available depending on the conditions ー:not available)
*We do not use any personal information provided to use our support systems for any other purposes than security management and use monitoring.

FacultyResearchersFull-time staffPart-time staffStudentsForm
Start Up Fund for female researchers
(Newly hired full-time female faculty only)
Application Form
Completion Report
Arrangement of research support staff and subcontracting assistance
(Researchers with flexible work hours employed at the university)

(Can become assistants)
R4 Application Form
R5 Application Form
Completion Report
Plus Alfa childcare Childcare support during business trips
(Depending on employment conditions)
Application Form
Temporary childcare during events Application Form
Baby sitter company corporate contract

Application Form
Subsidy for Enrollment Fee and Annual Babysitter Fee

Application Form
Babysitter dispatch business coupon

Application Form
Childcare space offer

Application Form
Rest space in each area and building Application Form
Rest space in the university hall
WLB consultation center Email consultation Form

Promoting Gender Equality at NAIST

Information on Family support(CISS)

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