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Childcare space offer

The short-term Sentan Nursery has been set up on campus

■System outline
In order to support the members of this university in focusing both on their research and on raising their children, we have set up Sentan Nursery, a short-term nursery for the temporary care of children as well as temporary stays by users with their children.

■Target users
University teaching staff and students with children

■Eligible children
From 0 years old until 6th grade

■Time and location
7:00 to 22:00 on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
The nursery is on the premises of the university dormitories.

■Caregiver arrangements
If the room is used for temporary childcare, caregiver arrangements shall be handled by the user themselves, and the relevant fees will be borne by the user.
Babysitter fee assistance (university) can be used

■How to use
To prevent crime, the nursery is usually locked with an electronic lock (smart lock).
Persons who wish to use the room should send in their request to register via the Application form beforehand (at least three days before the day they wish to use the room).
The electronic lock is locked and unlocked via your smartphone. To use it, you need to have installed the specialized app, as well as to have the pass-key information that will be sent to you by the Office of Gender Equality.

■Post-usage report
After using the room, please confirm that you have locked it, and submit a Usage report by the next day.

■Points to remember regarding usage
・As Sentan Nursery is on the premises of the university dormitories, please make sure not to disturb other residents.
  (do not make loud noises, do not run around the carpark, do not knock on the walls or the floor in the room, do not recklessly use the stairs in the building,
  do not touch the personal items of other residents, etc.)
・When using the kitchen, please close the gate and ensure that the children do not enter.
・Please take the trash you produce back with you.

Air-conditioner, Fridge, Microwave oven, Mini-kitchen, Complete set of bedding, Toilet, Children's toilet seat, Bathroom, Desk and chairs, Round table, Kids' chair corner cushions, Safety fence, Air cleaner, etc.

Toys (mini-car, set for playing house, Othello, etc.), Picture books, Origami paper, Colored pencils, etc. 
Wet wipes, First-aid kit, Futon dryer, etc.

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