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Rest space in each area and building

Using the rest spaces in each area and building
(For self-care during pregnancy, breast pumping, diaper changes, etc.)

■System outline
The women-only rest areas in each area and building are private spaces where researchers and students who are pregnant or nursing can rest. Female staff members and students may use them for the following purposes.

・As a place to rest if unwell (such as when menstruating, while pregnant, or after giving birth)
・For breast pumping or breastfeeding

※If you are a male staff member or student and you have a partner who requires the use of the spaces, please reach out to us using the comments section in the form below.

■Using the spaces
To ensure users' safety, women's rest spaces are secured at all times using electronic locks (smart locks).
If you wish to use the spaces, please register using the Application form.
Your smartphone is used to arm and disarm the electronic locks. In order to access the spaces, you must download the app used to receive key information distributed by the Gender Equality Office.

Fridge/freezer, sink (Information Science only), sofa bed, sofa, table, air purifier, internal phone

Electric kettle, desk lamp, blankets, shoe boxes, slippers, partitions, wet wipes

Division of Information Science,       Division of Information Science,
Building A, Floor 2              Building B, Floor 2
女性休憩室 023.JPG joseikyukeisituB.png
Division of Biological Science, Floor 1
baio2R.JPG baio2R (2).JPG
Division of Materials Science, Building F, Floor 1
joseikyukeisitu 002.JPG

Location information for women's rest spaces