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Start Up funding for female researchers
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Research expense support for new female faculty members

■System overview
In principle, NAIST aims to recruit outstanding researchers regardless of their gender, but proactive measures are necessary to improve female faculty recruitment. It is also crucial that after recruitment, we must make it possible to begin research smoothly to enable them to produce positive research while handling the impact of major life events like childbirth and raising children. With this in mind, we introduced start-up research funding in 2009, to promote the recruitment of talented female faculty members and to help female faculty in starting their research at NAIST.

■Eligibility requirements
Support is aimed at recently recruited full-time female faculty members. (excluding temporary appointments)
* This includes existing staff members who have been promoted (for example, from associate professor to professor, or from assistant professor to associate professor) and former government employees hired as faculty. However, newly promoted existing staff will be eligible once only.

■Amount of funding available
A standard 2 million yen will be paid.

■Period of support
Support will be provided for 2 years after appointment to the position.

■Application procedure
After appointment to the position, please prepare all necessary documents as stipulated by the Gender Equality Office, obtain approval from your division Director, and submit the documents to the Head of the Gender Equality Office. Upon completion of the 2-year support period, please promptly fill out the requested paperwork and submit it along with a completion report and a financial report to the Head of the Gender Equality Office. In addition, you may be requested to attend a funding debriefing session held by the Gender Equality Office and to participate in gender equality projects.

■Prior achievement
This system not only funds environment development for early stages of research, research information collection, equipment procurement, etc., but the process of applying for this funding also serves as experience for writing applications for outside funding. The Gender Equality Office also carries out interviews, etc. after the end of the support period.

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