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Arrangement of research support staff and subcontracting assistance

Academic assistant assignment and subcontracting subsidies

■System outline
The assignment of academic assistants and outsourcing funding can resolve the unavoidable issue of time management due to pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, thereby contributing to NAIST's goal of improving the compatibility of cutting-edge research, accomplishments, and work-life balance (WLB).

■Application requirements
Researchers employed by NAIST under the discretionary labor system (faculty, specially-appointed faculty, postdoctoral researchers, etc.) who meet any of the following conditions:

  1. Those who are pregnant or on maternity leave (a supervisor for the assistant must be appointed in advance for maternity leave)
  2. Those with children in the 3rd grade of elementary school or younger, not including those whose spouses can undertake childcare full-time
  3. In addition, those recognized by the chair (the Gender Equality Office Director) as needing special support

■Support details and scope
  1. The total amount of funding possible for academic assistant employment and outsourcing is 1.2 million yen per year and 3.6 million yen maximum for each researcher
  2. If another child is born during the funding period, a new total amount is estimated from the month that child is born.
  3. This financial support is not available during childcare leaves.
  4. When hiring academic assistants, the total amount includes standard benefits (for research technicians and technical assistants) and transportation expenses (for technical assistants). You must submit a budget with estimated labor costs at the time of application.
  5. You must submit a cost estimate and a specification document to apply for funding.
  6. As of the end of FY 2019, the grant amount for those requesting support after April 1st, 2020 will be 3.6 million yen minus the actual amount used up to that point.

■Determining grant amount

The chair of the Strategic Allocation Committee for Academic Assistant Assignment and Outsourcing Expenses will decide the amount of the grant, upon deliberation by the committee.

■Application procedure
  1. We will accept applications until February of the year before the year you’d like to receive a grant. Subsequent application decisions will be made based on the available budget. For mid-year applications, the deadline is the 15th of the month two months before you would like to receive the grant support (e.g. If you’d like to receive support in September, the deadline is July 15th).
  2. Researchers who wish to receive grant support should consult with their department or research facility in advance and submit the application to the Gender Equality Office.
  3. Applications are required yearly.

■Prior achievements

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