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Childcare support during business trips

Temporary childcare fee during business trips will be covered by the university
The application deadline has been changed from two weeks before to [one week before] (From June 2019)

■System outline
We have a temporary childcare support service during business trips called “Childcare support during business trips” for improving the work-life balance of teaching staff and for further enhancing education/research achievements.
*Also, if you are receiving a grant-in-aid, childcare fees during academic events on weekends or events that require overnight stays can be paid as direct expenses from your grant-in-aid. (From Grants-in-Aid FAQ )
MEXT Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research expenses FAQ

■Who is eligible to use the service
・Researchers and office workers at this university
・Other persons deemed to require the service by the head of the Gender Equality Office

■What is supported
The university will support temporary childcare fees for childcare during business trips the result of travel requests taken as university-related business.

For example, for business trips within Japan, the university will support temporary childcare fees for
・Childcare services subcontracted by the academic society
・Childcare facilities at the business trip destination
・Baby sitters at the business trip destination
Also, if your child does not accompany you on the business trip, Baby sitter company corporate contract and Sentan Nursery (7:00 to 22:00) may be used as a childcare facility.

■Scope of support
During the service user’s business trip, the university will support temporary childcare fees for childcare between 7:00 and 22:00 each day. However, the support will not cover transportation to the childcare facility, expenses at the facility, and other expenses for the child (transportation, meals, etc.).

■How to use this service
Made an application in advance(by one week before you want to use the service)using the Application form.

■Documents to submit after completing the business trip
When you return from the business trip, please promptly submit the following documents.
・A copy of your business trip report (approved by your supervisor)
・Childcare fee receipts (excluding transportation and meal costs)
Advance Payment Invoice (Childcare support during business trips) ←Please download the format here and fill in the amount you paid in advance, the date, and the name of the person filing the invoice, then stamp your seal on the document

*Childcare subcontractors that the Gender Equality Office is able to introduce
Poppins Corporation  / Mothernet