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Baby sitter dispatch business coupon

Subsidies for babysitter usage fees (Cabinet Office)

■System outline
This system uses babysitter dispatchment discount coupons that are issued by the All Japan Childcare Services Association

■Who can use this system?
Teaching staff working at this university (only those insured by the mutual benefit association or employee's pension)

■Children applicable under this system
①Children from 0 years old to 3rd grade elementary school
② Children up to 6th grade elementary school in cases where one must take care of a child with a disability or who has been issued a rehabilitation certificate

■Babysitter companies available to use
Limited to babysitter companies certified by the All Japan Childcare Services Association
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■Terms of use
If your spouse is working, or if it is difficult for teaching staff to work (including returning to work) without using a service due to hospitalization, etc.

■Services that can be used
● Childcare and care at the user's home
● Pickup and drop-off at home and childcare centers, etc.
* Not available in the following cases.
① Pickup and drop-off between different facilities such as childcare centers
② Pick-up and drop-off for multiple children who do not live in the same home
③ Childcare at baby rooms, collective childcare, or a babysitter's home * Including childcare at the Sentan Nursery
④ Housekeeping services such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking

■Discounted rates
Upon presentation of a discount coupon, a discount of ¥2,200 can be received off the daily babysitter fee.

■Number of discount coupons available
One coupon per child per day (occasion). Also, limited up to 24 coupons per month, or up to 280 coupons per year per household.
Discount coupons have a validity period, from the date of issuance until the end of the fiscal year (March 31st).

■How to use the discount coupons /
① Apply in advance (within 3 days before the scheduled date of use) via the Application form.
② After the Gender Equality Promotion Office checks the application details, the discount coupon will be issued.
③ Fill in the user's entry box on the discount coupon and hand it to the babysitter at the time of use.
After use, make sure to receive the stub for reporting purposes from the babysitter.
④ Submit the stub for reporting purposes to the Gender Equality Promotion Office.