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Application for babysitter usage fee subsidy (University)

Nara Institute of Technology's Plus α Childcare “babysitter usage fee subsidy (University)” Application Form for Enrollment.
・Applicable to children who are between the age of the 57th day of birth and 6th grade.
・With a subsidy of up to 40 hours per child, the user's responsibility is 1,100 yen and up (The university will pay half of the extra charge for the second and subsequent children.)
・A minimum of 2 hours is required for each service.
Babysitter Company Mothernet and the university has a corporate agreement, so there is no enrollment fee or annual fee.
・ Depending on conditions, babysitter usage fee subsidy (Cabinet Office) can be used together.
As a place of nursery Sentan Nursery can be used.

* are required

* Affiliation

* Occupation (if you are a student, please state whether you are in the first or second semester and your year of study)

* Name of user

Last nameFirst name
If the name of the mutual aid union member or the employee who is insured under Employees' Pension Insurance is different, please add ( ) in the first name and last name fields.

* Email address

* Mothernet membership application form (Upload completed form)
(Contact information and child information are required.)

Mothernet member application form

* Do you want to use the babysitter discount coupon from the Cabinet Office?

Yes No
・Babysitter Dispatch Service Discount Coupon (Cabinet Office)" is available for children up to 3rd grade. The Cabinet Office's babysitter discount coupons offer a discount of 2,200 yen per day, and the maximum number of coupons you can apply for is 24 per month, or 280 per year.
・If you answered "yes," please indicate the number of tickets you would like to apply for.

Number of tickets you need (X times per week for X weeks)

If you are using both, please indicate the number of applications.
It is possible to apply for several months at once. If you need more, you can apply for more.

Others (Notes, etc.)

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