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Application for babysitter usage fee subsidy (Cabinet Office)

NAIST Plus α childcare “babysitter usage fee subsidy (Cabinet Office)” application form.
・ Eligible children are: ① those who are older than 57 days from their birthday and younger than the 3rd grade level; ② up to 6th grade if you need to take care of children with disabilities and nursing notebooks.
・ We will issue a discount ticket (2200 yen per day) to assist the babysitter usage fee.
・The maximum number of applications for a household is 280 per year, up to 24 per month.
・For spouses who are working or struggling to work (including returning to work) and not using subsidies.
・ Depending on conditions, Babysitter usage fee subsidy (University) in conjunction is possible.

* are required

* Affiliation

* Occupation

* Name

Last name First name
If the members of the mutual aid association or the employees who are covered by Employees' Pension Insurance are different, please add () in the first name and last name fields.

* Email address

* Emergency contact details such as phone number

- -

* Child's name, Sex, Age (Date of birth)

e.g. Sentan Taro (Sentan Taro), Male
5 years old (Born on October 3, 2013)
If you have multiple children, please indicate so on a new line.

* Number of applications (number of times weekly x amount of weeks)

Please specify the approximate grounds for the number of sheets to be used per week as ○ times × weekly. You are allowed up to 24 sheets per month per household and up to 280 sheets per year, so if you run out, please apply for additional ones

Scheduled date and time of first use

Year Month Day
Since it takes time to issue a discount ticket, please apply at least one week before the scheduled date of use

* Purpose of use

Childcare at home
Pick up and drop off at home and nursery

* Employed babysitter company name

Limited to babysitter businesses that are certified by the National Childcare Services Association (below).
In addition, the University has concluded a corporate agreement with Mothernet It can be used as a corporate member (registration fee is free) if you can apply.

Other (Notes, etc.)

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