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Sentan Nursery feedback form

Please let us know more about your experience using the Sentan Nursery below.

* are required.

*Date of visit:

Year Month Day

*Time of visit (HH:MM HH:MM):

e.g.: 9:00~15:30

*Your name:

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*Your child(ren)'s name(s):

*Caretaker's name:

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*Room checklist
Please take some time to inspect the following items before you leave.

Childcare area
Was the childcare area kept neat and orderly?
Were the walls and floors clean?
Were the toilet and bath clean and undamaged?
Was the gas valve in the bathroom closed?
Were all the toys put away properly?
Were all of the toys clean and intact?
Was there no food left remaining in the fridge?
Were all kitchen appliances unplugged before you left?
Was the electric tea kettle drained?
Lights, locks, etc.
Were all the lights and air conditioning switched off?
Was the Wifi turned off?
Was the window locked?
You didn't forget anything?

If there is anything else you would like our office to know about (damaged items, etc.), please let us know:

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