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Application form for childcare support during business trips

Use this form to apply for childcare support during business trips (Plus More childcare).
・Eligible for children from 57 days old to elementary school 6th grade.
・Please submit applications up to one week before you wish to use the service. You will receive the result of your application by email from the Gender Equality Office.
・Advance payments should be made directly to the childcare provider.
・After using the service, you must either bring documents including the childcare fee receipt and reimbursement form, or send them by university post.
・Support covers childcare fees only.

* are required.

* Affiliation

* Occupation

* Name

Last nameFirst name
If the name of the insured person under a mutual benefit association or welfare annuity insurance plan differs, please write the last name in parentheses ( ).

* Email address

* Emergency contact telephone number


* Name, sex, age and date of birth of child

e.g. Sentan Taro, male 5 years (2013-10-03)
For multiple children, please write their details in a new line.

* Time of business trip (YEAR-MONTH-DAY to YEAR-MONTH-DAY)

* Details of business trip (Please include links to information about the schedule for academic conferences, etc.)

e.g. ○○○○ Conference Academic Lecture https://

* Date and time when childcare is required (YEAR-MONTH-DAY to YEAR-MONTH-DAY))

* Childcare location

* Name of babysitting company (Please include links to price plan information)

e.g. ○○○○ Co. https://

* Childcare application form, receipt or other documentation as submitted to the conference, childcare provider, etc.

* Copy of travel orders (approved by supervisor)

* Agreement

I agreeI disagree
Please carefully read the statement and select from the two options above.

    For the period of the business trip for which I have applied for childcare support, in the
    rare event of an accident affecting my child at the location of the business trip or elsewhere,
    the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) will be responsible for a sum of money
    only up to that which the childcare company's insurance will cover.

Other relevant information (allergies, etc.)

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