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Virtual Study in Japan Fair for South American prospective students (2021/10/5-8)

 The Division for Global Education (DGE) participated in the Virtual Study in Japan Fair for South American prospective students, organized by MEXT Study in Japan Global Network Project from October 5th to the 8th with NAIST international students from South American countries, giving a brief presentation about NAIST and holding consultations with participants in a virtual booth on the Airmeet platform

 In order to give the participants, who were on the opposite side of the globe, insight into campus life at NAIST and to enhance NAIST's visibility in their countries, Barbara Teixeira (D3, Photonic Device Science Laboratory) from Brazil, Mario Aburto (D2, Mathematical Informatics Laboratory) from Mexico and Andres Gomez (D2, Cybernetics and Reality Engineering Laboratory)from Colombia hosted the participants fielding their questions in Portuguese and Spanish while also using the chat box to accommodate as many people as possible. Participants actively asked questions to the students about admission information, education programs, research topics and suitable laboratories, scholarship information, everyday life inside and outside campus, etc. Participants gave favorable comments and feedback about interaction with NAIST international students in the consultation booth such as that being able to ask question in their native language increased participation, as they were more comfortable communicating in their native languages. As a result, NAIST's booth seemed to be one of the most frequently visited booths among participating universities and more than 120 visitors visited during the 4 days.

 DGE is continuously engaging in activities to grow the NAIST international community in collaboration with NAIST international students, who have been significantly contributing to NAIST promotional activities, including those focused on their home countries and regions.

Barbara Teixeira answering visitor's questions

Mario Aburto and Andres Gomez introducing NAIST to booth visitors