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Universiti Malaya Student Exchange Program

Universiti Malaya, one of our partner institutions and a top research university in Malaysia has announced Student Exchange Program. If you are interested, please read the information below carefully and talk with your advisor before applying.

Universiti Malaya Student Exchange Program
Eligible students 1. NAIST master's/doctoral students
2. Those who have completed at least one semester of study in NAIST
3. Those who have good academic standing with CGPA not less than 3.0 or equivalent
4. Those who have good English proficiency in speaking and writing
5. Those who nominated by NAIST through the nomination form provided by Universiti Malaya
Visit duration One semester up to one academic year (12 months)
University homepage https://gem.um.edu.my/inbound-long-term-home
Fee & cost of living Tuition fee: exempted
Administration fee: MYR 630.00 (appox. USD 150) per semester

Accommodation fee:
・On-campus Residential College: ± MYR 2,800(appox. USD 670) per semester
・Off-campus Private Residential: ± MYR 1,500/month - MYR 3,300/month (appox. USD 360/month - USD 800/month)

Miscellaneous Fees:
1. Visa Application
2. Medical Insurance
3. Post-arrival Medical Screening
The charges for the above-mentioned matter are as per the Education Malaysia Global Services(EMGS)
Application deadline There are two deadlines each year:
・Semester 1 (Fall Semester): 1 March - 30 April
・Semester 2 (Spring Semester): 1 September - 31 October 30 November *The deadline is extended!
Where to submit Please first contact to the International Affairs Section(kokusai[at]ad.naist.jp) to get further information.

You must also submit some documents to NAIST later on to study abroad.
For more information about procedures, visit and check the following URL.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the International Affairs Section.