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Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia) Delegation Visit (2023/11/28)


  On Tuesday, November 28, Dr. Agustin Kusumayati (Secretary of the University), Prof. Dr. Apt. Arry Yanuar (Dean of Pharmacy), Dr. Parulian Paidi Aritonang (Dean of Law), and Dr. Ahmad Gamal (Director of Innovation and Science Techno Park), all from Universitas Indonesia, visited NAIST.

  At the courtesy visit, Prof. Jun Ohta (Executive Vice President for International affairs), Prof. Keiichi Yasumoto (Dean of Graduate School of Science and Technology), Prof. Shun Hirota (Director of Division of Materials Science), Prof. Yasumasa Bessho (Director of Division of Biological Science/Indonesia Office Director), and Ms. Junko Tsukamoto (URA, TLO Department) welcomed the delegation.

  After greetings, we gave a presentation to introduce NAIST. Then, Prof. Ota introduced the framework and achievements of industry-university collaboration, and a lively question-and-answer session ensued regarding staffing, handling of intellectual property and patents, and other issues to stimulate industry-university collaboration.

  It is hoped that this visit will be an opportunity to further strengthen education-research and information collaboration between NAIST and the Universitas Indonesia.

Q&A Session
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