Open Campus 2020

Open Campus 2020 (Sunday Nov. 15)

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The NAIST Open Campus will be held on November 15th, 2020. At NAIST every year we invite the public to view the campus and experience the current research and education being performed by our faculty, staff and students through displays and demonstrations. This year, considering measures to prevent the spreading of the new coronavirus, we have decided to reduce the overall scale of the event. We are taking as many measures possible to prevent any possible spreading of infection, and would like to ask all the participants that will come to the NAIST campus to also cooperate with us to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the event. Please read and follow the prevention points below.

Note: Due to preventative measures, unlike previous years, all Open Campus events require registration. Only those who register may attend Open Campus 2020.

  • Advanced registration for the introductory events has been closed and all slots have been filled. We thank everyone for their interest in NAIST's activities.
  • A participation registration email will be sent to those who registered at a later date.
  • Registration is still open for the programs for prospective students part of the Open Campus. Please register here.

 On Sunday November 10, the annual Takayama Science Town Festival will be held in Takayama Science Town.
As a part of the Takayama Science Town Festival, NAIST will be having an Open Campus event for citizens to learn about our recent educational research through exhibitions and demonstrations. We look forward to welcoming many visitors.

Prevention points

Please download the following tracking application from App Store or Google Play as a preventative measure, considering the large number of event participants and staff.

  • Please refrain from attending if you have any cold symptoms such as a fever, coughing, restricted breathing, etc.
  • Please wear a mask and use hand sterilizer.
  • Please note that participants may be refused entry if deemed to have the above symptoms or deemed to be in poor condition. In this case please follow the staff's requests.
  • If, after leaving the event, you are diagnosed with the COVID-19 infection, please inform NAIST using the number below.
  • Please understand that the contents of the event may be adjusted depending on conditions of the COVID-19 infection.

Open Campus 2020
Date & Time November 15th, 2020 (Sunday) 10:00 - 15:00
Participants Elementary, junior high school, high school and university students, general public, industry representatives, etc.
Location Nara Institute of Science and Technology
8916-5 Takayama-cho, Ikoma City, Nara
  • Experiential program/student events
    ※Advanced registration has been closed and all slots have been filled. We thank everyone for their interest in NAIST's activities.
  • Programs for prospective students
    Registration is still open for this part of the Open Campus. Please register here. (Only in Japanese)
  • Research introductions at 3 divisions
    ※Advanced registration has been closed and all slots have been filled. We thank everyone for their interest in NAIST's activities.
  • Access map
  • Shuttle bus schedule
  • Limited parking is available. Please note that traffic congestion is predicted for the event. (The largest amount of congestion is usually at the end of the event, from around 14:30.)
Contact information Public Relations Section
E-Mail : s-kikaku[at]
TEL : +81-743-72-5026

Homecoming Day (Held at the same time as Open Campus 2020)

This is a great opportunity for graduates to meet with senior and junior former classmates, and their former professors, and to reflect on their time at NAIST while renewing ties and friendships. This year's event will be held online and in-person in a limited format. Current faculty members are also welcome to attend.

NAIST Alumni Association Board of Directors meeting and General Assembly (Kenshu Hall, Interdisciplinary Frontier Research Complex #2)

Opinion exchange with the NAIST President, Executive Directors and Auditors (Kenshu Hall, Interdisciplinary Frontier Research Complex #2)
See the NAIST Alumni Association homepage for more details.

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