Examination Fees / Enrollment Fees / Tuition

Examination FeeEnrollment FeeTuition
Master's program student, doctoral program student ¥30,000 ¥282,000 ¥267,900/semester
Research student ¥9,800 ¥84,600 ¥29,700/month
Special research student (short-term exchange student) ¥29,700/month
Note: If tuition is revised, the new fees will be applied to incoming students.

Please pay your first term's tuition when you complete entrance procedures. The entire year's tuition can be paid at one time. Tuition must be paid each term (April and October) as long as you study at NAIST.

These fees will not be collected from international students who are receiving MEXT (Japanese government) scholarships and short-term exchange students who are accepted under the academic exchange agreement.

Enrollment Fee Exemption / Tuition Exemption

International students who are unable to pay enrollment fees and/or tuition due to financial difficulties may apply for exemption. Please submit the required documents by the specified deadline. All applicants (both Japanese and international students) must undergo a screening process to determine eligibility, and we are unable to offer exemption to every applicant. International students receiving Japanese government scholarships and international students in the Special Support Program selected through screening of international students by special recommendation need not apply.